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Welcome to BonusNZ.com, your best, most reliable source for all the information regarding the New Zealand iGaming industry. If you are looking for your best online gambling companion while gaming online at New Zealand online casinos, we got you covered.

We are a team of industry experts and professionals who have been involved in the iGaming community and industry in one way or another for many years. We are also a team of iGaming enthusiasts and players just like you and we understand what online casino players are looking for and we know where you get to find the best online gambling opportunities.

We are on a mission to make your online gambling sessions as rewarding as possible and this is why the BonusNZ.com site has a variety of different sections that deal with the best bonuses and promotions accessible to Kiwi players. Finding the best iGaming opportunities takes a lot of time and effort when you are working alone. Fortunately, you are not alone. To get to know us better, we cover all of our main mission and goals down below and we introduce you to our team members.

The Teams’ Mission and Goals

As you probably know, the entire New Zealand iGaming scene is loaded with different iGaming sites and while these sites may appear the same, they are not created equally. Finding the best iGaming opportunities means looking through all the different iGaming options Kiwi players have at their disposal and this is one of our main goals, to present you with only the best.

Numerous online casino affiliate sites do the same in hopes of building their loyal customer base. We want to have a tight-knit community of iGaming fans and enthusiasts and to do so, we know we need to build trust and mutual respect. Building trust with our readers will always be our main priority. Helping beginner players navigate the iGaming scene like pros is another major goal of the team working behind the scene. Everything you need to know about our goals and mission is featured down below.

Presenting You with Only Accurate, Up-To-Date Information

As you know, a lot goes into looking through all the different NZ online casinos and checking all the different bonuses and promotions Kiwi players get to benefit from. However, the team working behind the scene is well-skilled to do so in the best possible manner.

The team working behind the scene has also enough experience navigating the industry to be able to differentiate between bonuses that truly deserve your attention and bonuses that you may want to avoid. One of our main goals is to present you only with up-to-date, accurate information on the NZ iGaming scene. All the hard work that goes into this is done by our hard-working team.

Help You Find the Best Online Gambling Opportunities

We also want to help our readers find the best online gambling opportunities. As you know, the New Zealand iGaming scene has hundreds of different online casinos and bonus offers. While they may appear similar, not two casinos are created equally.

With this being said, our process of finding the very best online gambling opportunities involves many hours of thorough research and many hours of going into all the information we can find on a single iGaming site or a single bonus offer. This is the only way to make sure you get what is best for you, to get bonus offers that truly get the best for your money.

Sharing Online Gambling Tips and Tricks

We also want to share with you valuable gambling tips and tricks to help you boost your winning odds. Since we are iGaming enthusiasts and players just like you but we more experience, we have some insights into the industry that you may not be aware of and we want to share everything we know with you.

This is why most pages featured on the site have handy tips and tricks sections. Some of these are related to playing online casino games, while others are related to claiming casino bonuses and promotions.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

We also want to share the importance of responsible gambling practices and tools with our readers. While enjoying online gambling is very fun and can be very profitable, it is also not risk-free entertainment. Essentially, losing is one of the inevitable parts of gambling.

Thankfully, Kiwi players have a variety of safer gambling tools to turn to in order to stay on the right track. Kiwi players have also a variety of responsible gambling organizations that help struggling individuals. One of our goals is to encourage everyone to benefit from responsible gambling tools they have at their disposal to make sure they stay on the right track.

Meet Our Team

Our team working behind the scene deserves all the praise for making the site as informative and helpful as it is. Without our hard-working team, the site would not be as great as it is, it would not be your best online gambling companion. Here at BonusNZ.com, we have an amazing team of iGaming experts and professionals, and everyone working on the board is equally important and valuable.

Content Writers and Researchers: Behind the scene, we have a team of content writers and researchers that do all the hard work related to the content you have at your disposal. Our content writers have been involved in the iGaming community for many years and they surely understand how the entire iGaming scene works.

Content Editors: Our team would most certainly be incomplete without our content editors that do all the hard work that goes into making the content published on the site flow and reads nicely.

Graphic Designers: Our team also consists of graphic designers and they are responsible for making the site appeals to all players.

Front and Back-End Developers: Our team of developers also works tirelessly on the site’s appearance and backdrop. We have to thank our developers for helping the site come to life.

Customer Support: Our customer support agents also make a difference by helping our readers with everything they may need help with.

Marketing Specialists: We also have a team of experienced marketing specialists that do all the hard work that goes into promoting the site, marketing our services, and forming valuable business partnership deals with other companies.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Building trust and mutual respect with our readers will always be our number one priority and this is not going to change no matter what happens. This is also one of the main reasons you should trust us, everything that the team working behind the scene does is to help you navigate all the challenges that arise when gambling online like a pro.

Another reason to trust us is the fact that we are iGaming fans and enthusiasts just like you. We have spent many years gambling online at various sites, came across many different shady situations, and overcome many different challenges. With so much experience, we are confident that we can find the best iGaming opportunities and present them to you in the best way. At the same time, building and maintaining a great, trustworthy relationship takes time, so you just need to stick around.

What the Site Offers?

Now, onto the fun part, all the different sections featured on the site. The content published on the BonusNZ.com is divided into several different sections for easy navigation, and these are:

  • Online casino reviews
  • Bonus guides
  • Best bonuses for mobile players
  • Best new bonus offers for Kiwi players
  • Best no-wager bonuses

Everything published on the site came as a result of many hours of in-depth research done by our team of content writers and researchers. Everything published on the site, including online casino and bonus reviews, is presented in an unbiased way without anyone’s influence. This is important since it guarantees you get only facts and nothing else. At the same time, we share our personal opinion on certain matters but you are able to differentiate between facts and our personal insight.

How We Look for the Most Rewarding iGaming Opportunities?

This leads us to our step-by-step process of reviewing and rating NZ online casinos to find the best iGaming opportunities for our Kiwi players. The process is strict but simple and it includes the following steps.

  • We always check casinos’ reputation, background, and licensing. This way we can be sure that all of the online casinos promoted on the site are truly deserving of your attention.
  • We also always look into casinos’ safety and security measures. To be able to play real money casino games, you need to make payments and this is why it is important to play at an online casino that has done everything to protect your funds.
  • We also check casinos’ gaming selections to make sure you have enough games at your disposal to keep you entertained for hours. We also look into casinos’ RNG certificates to make sure your gaming sessions deliver fair, unbiased outcomes.
  • For us, it is also important to see you benefit from generous bonuses and promotions. This is why every online casino review published on the site has bonus sections with all the information you need on each bonus, including bonus terms and conditions.
  • During every review and rating process, we also check casinos’ banking departments. More specifically, we check the availability of different payment services, payment restrictions that apply, and everything else to make sure you are offered hassle-free banking options.
  • We also check casinos’ mobile compatibility to make sure that Kiwi players who prefer gaming on the go are also catered to. When it comes to mobile compatibility, we look into all the different mobile casino games and we test their gaming sessions on the go.
  • We check casinos’ customer care contact options. Since we want to make sure that you can get assisted any time of the day, we generally only promote casinos that offer around-the-clock assistance via multiple contact options, including Live Chat.

Why Become a Member of Our Community?

So, why would you want to become a member of our community? Well, you need an online companion that helps you navigate the NZ iGaming community and the team working on the board can definitely help you every step of the way. Once you become a member of our community, you get all the information you need on the best NZ online casinos, the very best bonus opportunities, and everything else presented to you in an easiest-to-understand way. Our community is made of beginner and experienced players, and everyone is more than welcome to join.

Why BonusNZ.com Was Established?

The site was launched in 2022 in order to make a difference. The team working behind the scene wants to make a difference in your iGaming journey by making it easier for you to find and enjoy the best iGaming opportunities. The site was also launched so that you have all the information you need about the NZ iGaming community in one place. Our content is regularly updated, so you may want to check different sections regularly, especially those sections that present you with the best bonuses and promotions.

Check BonusNZ.com Content

Below, you will find links leading to some of our pages.

  • Online Casino Reviews
  • Best Mobile Casino Bonuses
  • Best No Wager Casino Bonuses
  • Best New Bonuses
  • Best No Deposit Bonuses
  • Best Free Spins Bonuses

Get in Touch with Us

If you want to share your iGaming experiences, feedback, or you have some suggestions for us which could make the site more helpful, use contact options listed below to get in touch with our team. The team is available every day.

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Gamble Responsibly

Nothing beats the importance of playing in a responsible and safe manner and Kiwi players have a variety of responsible gambling tools to benefit from while gaming online at reputable casinos, including deposit and wagering limits, reality checks, and self-exclusion and cool-off options. Kiwi players have also a variety of responsible gambling organizations to turn to when in need of professional help and these are listed below.

  • Responsible Gambling - Youthtown Funding
  • Responsible Gambling TAB
  • Problem Gambling Organization PGF New Zealand
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health
  • Māori Gambling Helpline
  • Vai Lelei Pasifika Gambling Helpline
  • Gambling Debt Helpline
  • The Salvation Army Oasis Centres
  • Safe Gambling Aotearoa


  • Is Online Gambling Legal in New Zealand? According to the Gambling Act 2003, online gambling is considered illegal unless licensed by the NZ iGaming regulatory bodies. At the moment, only TAB and Lotto NZ are authorized to offer iGaming services and products within the country. Other New Zealand-based iGaming operators cannot offer iGaming services and products to NZ customers.
  • Is Offshore Gambling Legal? New Zealanders can legally register and play at offshore iGaming sites that have licenses from reputable iGaming regulatory bodies. New Zealanders are not prohibited from accessing and playing at international sites.
  • Is Gambling Taxable in New Zealand? New Zealanders do not pay taxes on their online gambling winnings.
  • Which Agency is Responsible for Overseeing the NZ iGaming Industry? The New Zealand Gambling Commission oversees and monitors all forms of land-based and online gambling activities in New Zealand to make sure that gambling operators follow the rules and laws outlined in the Gambling Act 2003.
  • Are There Any Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand? Yes, one of these is the SkyCity Auckland venue that opened its doors in 1996. There are other casinos in the country, including SkyCity Queenstown and Dunedin Casino.
  • Who Can Enjoy Online and Land-Based Gambling Activities? All individuals who are at least twenty years old can engage in gambling activities as the minimum gambling age in the country is 20 years old.
  • Are Offshore Casinos Catering to New Zealand Players Safe? Offshore international casinos featured on the site as recommended are safe due to their advanced safety and privacy measures. Generally, offshore casinos that have valid licensing issued by reputable iGaming authorities are considered safe.
  • What Kind of Bonuses and Promotions are Available to Kiwi Players? New Zealanders who enjoy online gambling activities can benefit from welcome bonuses with and without free spins, no deposit bonus offers, cashback bonuses, and loads of other special bonus promos. To learn more, check out our bonuses page.
  • How Do We Review and Rate New Zealand Online Casinos? Our process of reviewing and rating New Zealand online casinos involves a couple of crucial steps, including checking casinos' licensing, safety measures, and reputation. We also thoroughly check their gaming lobbies and check the fairness of their games, alongside looking into their mobile compatibility, banking options, payment restrictions, and withdrawal pending times. The process also involves checking their customer care departments.
  • Do NZ Online Casinos Promote Responsible Gambling? Yes, all reputable iGaming sites catering to New Zealanders promote responsible gambling in different ways. Most work with responsible gambling organizations and offer responsible gambling tools which are accessible to all registrants.
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